There are many hiking trails on the Biokovo mountain that rises above the Brist. Hiking is the great activity if you want to walk the old trails that locals used as a main tradin routes in the past. These hiking trails will take you to some of the mountain peaks which have a stunning view of the area. 


Cycling is one of the best ways of exploring the Brist area. Every village on Makarska Riviera has the old village which is located higher than existing ones. These old villages are abandoned now, but the old stone houses remained and they tell a story about a way of living in the previous centuries. A gravel road approximately 16 kilometers long is connecting all these villages of southern part of Makarska Riviera. Another option is to ride by the sea because all the villages in Gradac Municipality are connected by this sea trail.

kayaking and sup

Kayaking and Stan Up Paddling are the best ways of exploring the coastline. Even if you don’t have your own kayak or SUP board with you, you can easily rent it and embark on your own exploration adventure. You’ll notice that there are many secluded beaches which are perfect if you want to enjoy your vacation far from everyone else.

rock climbing

Rock climbing is a bit more adventurous activity which will make your adrenaline levels to rise as you grip the rock tightly on your way to the top. The closest rock climbing area is located in Gradac, just few minutes of driving away from our apartments. Make sure you have the proper eqiupment and you climb with someone who has previous rock climbing experience.

what to see in the area

Brist is located in southern part of Makarska Riviera which is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Croatia. There are many places to discover and explore. Makarska Riviera has some of the best beaches in Croatia too.

Apart from Makarska Riviera, there are many more places to see in the area. Baćina lakes, Neretva river delta, Jezero Valley… All these places are within 40 minutes of driving distance from our apartments.